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Guangrao Liuhe attend In-cosmetics Asia

Promulgator: Guangrao Liuhe    Send date: 2016-11-23 16:34

     In-Cosmetics Asia is always supposed to be  the best marketplace for the manufacturers, formulators, scientists and sales & marketing experts to present their innovative products and services. Young exhibitors who are new in the industry will get an opportunity to participate and build their business and make new contacts. Guangrao Liuhe Chemical seize the opportunity and attend the 2016 In-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok.

     In-Cosmetics Asia will highlight many educational seminars addressed by many key experts, providing new, innovative products & services. Visitors will get an opportunity to enhance your technical, scientific and commercial knowledge. The event will provide unique opportunities for the exhibitors for discussing problems and new trends with other industry players.

     The exhibition brings together 400 exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, testing, lab equipment and regulatory solutions with over 8,500 Asia Pacific cosmetic manufacturers. As one of the new exhibitors,

Guangrao Liuhe Chemicals also try our best to show the products.

Guangrao Liuhe Chemical also attracted a lot visitors.

     The event is the most cost-effective solution for the Asia personal care ingredients community to find new networks, new channels, new partners and new concepts.

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